Story Telling

Without stories, there is no art.

Mali is a land of prose and proverb.  Ancient histories laid out by our djeliw (oral historians) in song, date from the 13th century.  Epic poems celebrating great heroes of our past are still told today.  Grandmothers continue to impart “learning tales” to their grandchildren, and metaphorical greetings and proverbs run through our daily lives.

My interest in archiving and preserving oral histories and traditional storytelling from Mali has gained the support of important figures in my country.  Along with a Malian contingency of the Ko-Falen Cultural Center Board of Directors, I have begun the groundwork for identifying and promoting the documentation of the oral histories of djelibaw, and the traditional folktales, riddles and proverbs told by elders.  My intention is to document, archive, share and promote active storytelling in the communities and schools of Mali and the U.S. to prevent the loss of this powerful artform.

I have recently received a small professional development grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to study and document these traditional oral stories and prose.

I am available to schools, institutes and interested groups for storytelling events.

I am happy to share my talents with you in person.

Writing workshops:

  • “Flexing Your Mind”   Instruction based on Malian mythology of Ngo, A Fo, Poi, to write thoughts poetically.  Engage in collaborative writing to recognize our differences, only to highlight what we have in common.
  • “Writing with Proverbs”

Author Visits:

  • Booksignings and Readings
  • Storytelling Events

Please contact me at for more information.


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